WATERFORMS INTERNATIONAL is an Australian company specialising in the design, construction and management of all types of water related facilities ranging from small fountains to large water features, recreational swimming facilities and water themed environments.


Over more than thirty five years the Company has established a reputation for providing high quality design, craftmanship and valuable technical expertise that is applied to projects worldwide. The company has completed well over 1000 successful projects


WATERFORMS INTERNATIONAL looks forward to working with you on your next project.





Waterforms employs a multi disciplinary range of skilled people including landscape architects, hydraulic and electrical engineers, environmental chemists, artists, craftsmen and a variety of trades persons to design and construct our water feature projects.


The Company's key staff include:-




Principal, is trained in mechanical engineering and environmental chemistry with 27 years experience. Dirk's technical expertise is highly sort after throughout Australia and overseas. Dirk is responsible for the hydraulic design of all water features. He has directed our work on several Singapore water wall projects, Sydney's Westin Hotel waterwalls, a range of major renovations to Sydney's civic fountains and the ongoing management of Sydney's major water feature installations.



Project Developer/Creative Director. Waterforms International has contracted Richard McKenna since 1996 to develop and implement creative project concepts to our clients. His portfolio is extensive working with high profile clients including, Sega Enterprises, Foxtel, Village Roadshow and the Adelaide Museum. Richard has now joined Waterforms International full-time in a senior role developing and managing new creative projects.



CAD Manager/Designer, undertakes the output of our design production work and is responsible for the managing of the companies computer network and communication systems. He has a strong background in Structural, Dimension stonework, Theme Park and Landscape Architecture design with well over 10 year focus on Water Feature Projects. He carries out our detailed design and production work on Architecture, Hydraulic, Structural and Electrical documentation drawings including rendered 3D concepts.



Construction Manager, has over 35 years of manufacturing and construction experience. Roger has previously specialised in the fabrication of all types of metalwork and signage projects. He has built the structures for Sydney’s Olympic Cauldron’s relocation, artist Jennifer Turpin’s Pyrmont Point “Time and Tide” work and most of Waterforms’ projects since 1996.



Electrical Designer, with an extensive 25 years of experience in the electrical design and construction industry carries out our electrical design work. Chris is responsible for the design of the control and lighting systems.


Waterforms is well supported by a solid team of specialist subconsultants, artists, artisans and subcontractors with whom we have worked on numerous projects over many years.






Design/Concept Design



Many of Waterforms' projects begin with a Client brief requesting the development of a water feature idea that has been generally identified within a new landscape masterplan, new building plans or proposals for a refurbishment of an existing building, interior or landscape space.


Waterforms has the qualified skills to creatively develop the general concept idea and turn it into a fully developed and workable water feature design that integrates itself within the surrounding landscape and building architecture.


Our work embraces all types of water features, artwork and sculptural pieces, fountains and swimming pools.


For water features that are integrated with a landscape theme Waterforms can develop all soft and hard landscape concepts associated with water themed spaces.


All our water feature design work is backed by hydraulic and electrical controls design that is feasible and that is supported by accurate cost planning and practical assumptions for construction.


This is a unique package of professionally qualified skills and work offered by few firms in the water feature industry.


Our concept design work has contributed significantly to many of our Clients winning design awards for artwork, landscape, urban design and building projects.






Waterforms will build mock ups and proto types to finalise the understanding of the water effects and their integration to the project environment.


This is an essential part of a successful water feature project and the ability to produce unique projects of distinction.


Typically this work should start as early as possible in the concept design phase.


Prototype funding may require construction funds to be brought forward and used in the design phases.



Design/Technical drawing



Waterforms can prepare full construction drawing documentation of a complete water feature project using in house qualified skills.


Our work is either commissioned direct with a Client or subcontracted through an architect or landscape architect.


The work can cover the design and project management, architectural coordination, dimensional layout control, finishes descriptions and detailing, waterproofing, landscape, hydraulics, water treatment, electrical controls and lighting for a water feature.


We will employ specialized subconsultants to provide services covering further specialised pyrotechnic, light and sound effects.


Typical drawing products are illustrated.







Water features are commonly embellished or integrated with the built structures.


Waterforms’ in house staff can direct, manage or build those unique systems that make the physical form of a water feature.


We have completed projects using a wide range of materials fashioned in a fascinating variety of combinations.


We have built:-


A variety of insitu concrete pools and structures

Precast concrete and stone water walls

Glass water walls

Dimensioned stone forms, columns, walls, weirs, pools, and platforms of all sizes

Stainless steel substructures to a variety of walls and forms

Artificial trees in steel and cementitious plasters

Waterforms is uniquely positioned to manage, build and integrate water display elements within structural elements.






Water features include a variety of material finishes on pool edges, walls, floors, channels, rills, spouts, weirs etc.


Many of these are directly related to the water flow design and have been designed with a special arrangement and laying pattern to achieve the intended effect.


Waterforms can direct, manage or build all water feature finishes.


We have completed projects using a wide range of materials, fashioned in a fascinating variety of combinations.


We have built or managed the fabrication and installation of:-


Insitu and precast concrete finishes

Stainless steel and brass weirs, spouts, grilles and assorted metalforms

Dimensioned stone granite, marble, porphry weirs, wall facing and cappings

Granite floor tiling and cobbles

Porphry floor slabs and cobbles

Sandstone in all shapes sizes and surface treatments

Tiles for swimming pools and mosaics for decorative effects.

Glass forms and blocks

Artificial cemetitious rock forms and walling

Various paint systems




Water features are commonly embellished or integrated with artwork and sculptured forms.


Waterforms’ in house staff can direct, manage or build those unique elements and features that make the artwork and sculpture of a water feature.


We have completed projects using a wide range of materials, fashioned in a fascinating variety of combinations.


We have built or managed the fabrication and installation of:-


Precast concrete forms

Stainless steel and bronze sculptures and forms,

Carved stone sculptures and forms,

Bronze, brass, stainless steel, granite and sandstone vessels and bowls.

Fibreglass statues and sculptured forms.

Waterforms is uniquely positioned to manage, build and integrate water display systems within sculptured elements.






Automated water display, reticulation, filtration and water treatment, water filling, makeup and drainage are fundamental aspects of water feature hydraulic systems.


The building of water feature hydraulic systems is the main area of specialty of a company like Waterforms.


Our uniquely experienced in house staff can direct, manage or build hydraulic systems in all project locations.


Our staff are fully trained for working in difficult and confined spaces.







Control systems are increasingly becoming the key aspect of the operation of a successful water feature.


The building of water feature electrical control and lighting systems is an area of specialty of Waterforms.


Our uniquely experienced in house staff can direct, manage or build control and lighting systems in all project locations.


Control boards are designed and manufactured by Waterforms in house.


Our staff are fully trained for working in difficult and confined spaces.






Equipment Supplies



Water features are constructed from a diverse range of specialist products and materials.


Much of the equipment is custom made and / or only manufactured by a small group of suppliers spread across the world.


Waterforms imports and acts as an agent for a variety of specialised equipment and materials, for projects in Australia and nearby countries including:


Display jets and lights manufactured by PEM Canada

Fog systems manufactured by Arizona Mist USA

Display jets manufactured by The Fountain People USA

Underwater lights manufactured by Bronzelite USA

Waterforms can also provide pumps, valves, filters and other equipment at competitive prices. This includes equipment manufactured by KSB Ajax, Grundfos, ITT Flygt, Davey, Onga, Burkertt and Waterco.


Waterforms will custom build to order a variety of water feature equipment and materials, including:


Primary filtration screens, socks and baskets in 316 stainless steel

Grilles and gratings in 316 stainless steel and brass

Custom designed display jets, spouts and weirs

Laminar flow display jets

Water treatment units, level controllers and make up water systems

Bowls and vessels in stone, bronze, and fibreglass

Stone panels and surfaces for custom water flow effects

Plantroom access ladders, access lids and ventilation cowls.

Electrical control systems

Lighting displays

Waterforms will export equipment manufactured in Australia to overseas projects.


We have exported Australian made electrical controls systems, pumps, filtration systems, valves, stone panels, stone bowls, stainless steel weirs and a variety of other equipment to a variety of countries including Singapore , China , Indonesia , The Philippines, Fiji and the United Kingdom .


Contact us to discuss your requirements.







Waterforms provides the operational maintenance necessary to ensure optimum and effective operation after construction and commissioning has been completed.


Our services include cleaning, maintaining the hydraulic and electrical control equipment, servicing filtration systems, monitoring water treatment equipment, testing and adjusting water chemistry, replacing light lamps and adjusting time or computer controls.


The frequency of attendance usually varies from weekly, fortnightly to monthly.


Waterforms, as an example of our maintenance work, provides a full time service to Sydney's Star City Casino and Hotel complex, covering the daily maintenance and repairs to the Hotel's swimming pool and thirteen major water feature systems.


Please contact our service manager Louisa Dalrymple for information on how we can be of assistance to you






Repairs and upgrades


All water features require ongoing repair and replacement work to equipment, waterproofing, finishes and fixtures that have developed faults or worn out.


Waterforms can direct, manage or carry out all repairs and replacements.


Please contact our service manager Kim Kemp for information on how we can be of assistance to you.


Where a lack of maintenance has had more of an impact Waterforms recommends auditing the whole water feature and preparing a renovation report to identify the costs and scope of works necessary to return the water feature to optimum condition.


Many older systems may require redesign work to define the renovation works required.


The audit reports are prepared on a fee for service basis.








Waterforms imports, fabricates and sells wholesale a range of water feature equipment, materials and running supplies.


These include:


Display jets


Filtration and water treatment equipment

Weirs and spouts

Drain grilles and gratings

Electrical control panels

Underwater lighting

Water balance chemicals and additives





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